I teach introductory and advanced courses in social and political philosophy, ethics, and European philosophy. My courses often explore questions like, “Why should I obey the law?,” “Is economic inequality unjust?,” “What does society owe me?,” and “What do I owe society?”

Across my courses, I aim to help students see how the claims of difficult and often historically remote texts speak to contemporary experience. For example, in both Justice, Freedom, and the State (Phil  226) and Racial Justice (Phil 475), we examine how classic justifications for state authority resonate with the realities of systemic racism. Do members of racially underprivileged groups have a duty to obey a state authority that disadvantages them?

Here are some of my recent courses.

PHIL 475: Racial Justice (Spring 2023) [pdf]

PHIL 359: Kant & the 19th Century (Spring 2023) [pdf]

PHIL 111: Philosophical Questions (Fall 2022) [pdf]

PHIL 226: Justice, Freedom, and the State (Fall 2022) [pdf]

PHIL 310: Ethics (Spring 2022) [pdf]

PHIL 470: Equality/Inequality (Fall 2021) [pdf]